New Orleans Day Trip

Tuesday, June 26, 2018

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At least once a month, I try to take a day trip down to New Orleans. No matter how many places I travel to, New Orleans is always one of my favorite places to visit! Nothing compares to the food, culture, and fun in NOLA.

I've started an Instagram Stories Highlight on my Instagram page titled "New Orleans" in case you want to see videos and pics from when I visit from now on!

Here's what we did this past Sunday...


We tried out a restaurant in the Warehouse District called Peche, and it was SO FREAKING GOOD! I was super hesitant about this place because it's mainly seafood, which isn't something I eat often. But y'all... I left so stuffed and so happy.

For our appetizer, we got fried bread with sea salt (I know, that sounds so gluttonous and fatty, but that's just how Louisiana rolls) and some crab claws.

For my entree, I did the baked drum. They serve it in a skillet with mushroom broth, and my taste buds were on cloud nine! Definitely some of the best fish I've ever had in my life! My mouth is watering just thinking about it.



A day in New Orleans isn't complete without some drinks, am I right? Drinking is basically Louisiana's state sport. (As a born and raised Louisianian, I'm allowed to say that 😉)

We stopped by The Saint Hotel to have some drinks at their bar. This hotel's decor is so cool! They definitely play off the angel versus devil theme. Their bar (The Burgundy Bar) is all dark red and black, and the restaurant (Tempt) is bright white and airy. We got our drinks at the bar, but I snapped the photo below at the restaurant for better lighting!



Our entertainment for the evening was a jazz concert at the infamous Saenger Theatre. I was definitely a couple decades younger than most the people there, haha. But it was a great performance with some incredibly talented musicians!

(Side bar: I'm looking at the calendar for upcoming shows at the Saenger and just noticed Theresa from Long Island Medium is coming next month... who's down to go with me?? I love her show! Here's hoping one of my great great grandmothers comes through to tell me she reads my blog, haha.)


I'll be in New Orleans again on the Fourth of July, so I'll be sure to blog about that day, too! And maybe film a YouTube vlog? Stay tuned!


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