A Day in New Orleans

Thursday, December 1, 2016

Hey, y'all!

I just had a fun little night and morning in New Orleans, Louisiana with my family! If you have never been to NOLA... what are you even doing?? Of course, I'm biased because I grew up in Baton Rouge (only an hour away) but I still think it's one of the best cities ever - it's so artsy and full of life!

We were in the city to celebrate my aunt's birthday and to go to the Dolly Parton concert. (I've always been indifferent to Dolly until seeing her live; she is amazing!) I've been to New Orleans about a zillion times, but every time I do something different. Here's a little breakdown of what I did on this quick trip:

First, we had dinner at Napoleon House in the French Quarter. The weather was perfect, so we sat outside in the brick courtyard and had wine and a cheeseboard (talk about my ideal situation). I also highly recommend getting the spinach and artichoke dip as an appetizer! It comes in a big ol yummy bread bowl. Carbs are life.

For dessert we stopped by Laura's Candies on Decatur and bought some of their truffles and pralines. I think I could have eaten my body weight in their espresso truffles... yum!

Then we hit up the Dolly concert at the Smoothie King Center. Y'all. She is the cutest little human ever; I just want to keep her in my pocket! And yes, Jolene is still stuck in my head.

This morning, we had breakfast at Cake Cafe and I loved it so much! It's this cute little cafe on the corner of Spain and Chartres. I had their french toast, which they make with an orange-pecan syrup. And my personal favorite part about Cake Cafe is that you can get a cupcake for $1 with your meal (insert heart eye emoji!!)  Mom and I got the chocolate-chocolate and the wedding cake; both were so good!

If you have been to New Orleans, what were some of your favorite places? I go pretty often so I would love to try out any suggestions!


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