Christmas Haul + My 2017 Goals

Saturday, December 31, 2016

I cannot believe it is the last day of 2016! What a year it has been.

There's been lots of good and lots of bad in the world, but I'm thankful to have seen another year of health and happiness. I hope it was the same for you! The most important thing (in my opinion) is that we continue to grow and give thanks for the life we've been given.

For my last post of the year, I wanted to share some fun things I got for Christmas and my goals for the upcoming year!

(Disclaimer: This post is in no way meant to be bragging! This is not a list of everything I got for Christmas, it's just some of the things I thought my readers would like. I love watching Youtubers and bloggers do Christmas hauls, and I think they're a great resource for any late Christmas present or birthday present ideas.)

Shown Above:

If you follow me on Instagram, you may have seen this pic already... but I'm so obsessed with these tennies! My boyfriend and I have a long-standing tradition of buying each other Nike tennis shoes every holiday, and this year we both happened to buy each other black ones. (These are the ones I bought him.) I've never had a pair of black tennis shoes, but I've been wanting a pair forever because I think they look so chic!

Shown Above:

I'm your typical girly girl, so of course I was so excited to get new makeup to play with! I tried out the Urban Decay palette last night for a couples shower I went to, and loved the way it turned out. I'm always a fan of UD's eyeshadow pigmentation. I'll be turning to YouTube soon to find some tutorials with these palettes - so if there's any you've seen, feel free to comment the link below! I'd love to check them out.

Shown Above:

YALL. I know a normal person should not get this excited over a mirror, but I've been wanting this one soooo bad!!  I'm a huge stickler on lighting when I am doing my makeup, and this mirror has an amazing ring of light around it. And it has really great magnification that doesn't distort your face. Head to your nearest Dillard's or Bed, Bath, & Beyond and try this thing out!! You'll be in love.

Shown Above:

This is one of the most in-depth planners I have ever seen, aka an OCD gal's dream. For the past couple of year's I have used the Day Designer for Target planners, which were a little more budget friendly. But this year I wanted the real deal holyfield Day Designer, so I put it on my Christmas list! I use my planner every day, so it's totally worth it to me. And how cute is the spotted print on the cover?? Love.

Shown Above:

Like I mentioned earlier, I'm an OCD gal who loves organization. (My mom is probably laughing at this because she would not agree!) But anyway, I have been wanting a Glambox foreverrrr thanks to one of my favorite bloggers, Katey McFarland. They just recently released their new GLAMboard and my sweet mama surprised me with it for Christmas!!

The brushes are all a part of Sigma's Basic Eyes Brush Kit and I'm so excited to try them out! And that little gold thing is not a tricked out pair of tweezers, although that would be pretty cool. (If you are in need of some awesome tweezers though, I highly recommend these.) But that gold thing is actually a false lash applicator! I struggle so hard when applying false lashes, so I'm hoping this thing helps a sista out.

Shown Above:

S'well bottles became super popular amongst all my sorority friends this past fall, but I didn't understand why everyone was freaking out over a water bottle. Well, when I saw that they had a gold one (my favorite color) I figured it was time to try it out! Basically, it's a super cute bottle that keeps your drink cold for 24 hours. And I mean, cold. It can also keep drinks hot for 12 hours.

There are a lot of other cute patterns and colors, too! Check them all out here.

And last but not least, I got some home decor!! My family and I were checking out some cute stores in downtown Lufkin a few days before Christmas, when I spotted this gorg mirror that was marked half off. I was in love. I said I would come get it after Christmas if I still couldn't stop thinking about it.  (Hence why I took this iPhone pic above.)

Welllll, my super awesome uncle saw how much I loved it, and he surprised me with it! I actually teared up because I wasn't expecting it at all. I can't wait to hang it in my big girl apartment after I graduate in May!


Looking forward to 2017, I am so excited for all the things to come! One big thing happening for my family is that my mom is opening a business! I will give more details on that later, but I am so excited for her. I would love if you guys could keep her in your prayers as she embarks on this journey! I know she is going to kick butt.

As for myself, I will be graduating from LSU, starting my big girl job, and (hopefully) continuing to grow my blog! For anyone who ever reads my blog, I cannot thank you enough! This blog is such a fun creative outlet for me, and every pageview and comment makes my day.

So, what are my goals for 2017?

1. Keep God First

My faith is such a huge part of my life. If anythings defines me, I want it to be that I love Jesus and live to serve Him. Moving forward into the new year, I hope my main priority is always pursuing a relationship with God and that nothing else would come before that. It's human nature for us to want to idolize things of this world, such as money, success or validation from other people, but even though I know I fall short of His glory time and time again, I never want to stop fighting to keep Him first.

2. Hustle

By hustle, I basically mean I want to work super, super hard at school, work, and blogging. But when I say "hustle" I feel like more of a #GirlBoss, haha. I'm lucky enough to attend my dream college, Louisiana State University, and that keeps me motivated to study a little harder, even when I just want to cuddle up and watch Netflix. And blogging is such a passion of mine, it's very rare that I burn out on it. BUT anytime I need a little extra motivation, I just look at my super cute laptop background I downloaded from DesignLoveFest. (You can see it here.)

3. Be More Present

One of my good friends, Mikala, always says you have to "disconnect to connect." She usually says this to get me off my phone, haha. So I hope in 2017, I can step away from my iPhone more and appreciate what is right in front of me.

Thanks so much for stopping by the blog, and I hope you all have a fun and safe New Year's Eve! See you soon.


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