How I Clean My Makeup Brushes

Monday, January 30, 2017

It's something we should do routinely, but rarely ever do: wash our makeup brushes. In the past, I would literally throw away brushes before I would wash them. I don't know why some of us dread it so much!

Well, one day when I was online shopping on Nordstrom (which is almost every day, let's be honest) I found this brush cleaning mat by Sigma. And for some reason I love cleaning my brushes now. I think it just makes it more fun, haha. There are different little sections for washing, rinsing, and refining your brushes.

After doing some research, I found some other cool tools Sigma makes that helps with cleaning brushes. I'll link them below! But now, on to how I clean my brushes....

What You'll Need:
  • Your dirty makeup brushes
  • Dish washing soap (I use Dawn)
  • Olive oil
  • A small bowl
  • Brush cleaning mat (I use this one by Sigma)
  • Two hand towels
  • Optional: Disinfecting wipes (I use Lysol ones)

First I place my Sigma brush cleaning mat in the sink - it has suction cups on the bottom to help it stay in place!

Then I mix together 3 parts Dawn dish washing soap with 1 part olive oil. The olive oil helps to condition your brushes. Then I dampen the brush under running water and swirl it in the soap/oil mixture. 

Then I twirl the brush around on the "wash face" or "wash eyes" section of the mat, depending on what kind of brush I'm using. Then I rinse it, making sure to work my fingers through the brush, and "refine" it on that section of the mat. If I'm washing a makeup brush that I use to apply foundation or bronzer, I will usually have to repeat the "wash" step a second time.

Side note: try to avoid getting water anywhere but the bristles! Water can cause the glue on the brush to break up and then it'll fall apart quicker.

Then I use one of the hand towels to wipe the brush down, and lay it flat to dry on the other hand towel. It's usually best to let them dry overnight. I also found this Dry n' Shape Spa by Sigma that would be awesome for helping your bushes dry.

And this step is optional, but if you're trying to completely clean your brushes, you can wipe down the handles with a disinfecting wipe. And then voila, you have clean makeup brushes that will apply your makeup even better than before!

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