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Sunday, August 6, 2017

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Praise the Lord, Hallelujah...

I am (finally) a college grad!!! I would like to personally thank God, CC's coffee, and dry shampoo for getting me through my 10 semesters at LSU. It was, hands down, one of the greatest times of my life! I could not be more excited that I earned my degree from the school of my dreams.

Some of my family members traveled in to Baton Rouge to celebrate my graduation, so of course we had to get a cake. But not just any cake... A UNICORN CAKE. Because although I am an "adult" I will always be 5 at heart.

My advice to girls about to go to college?

1) Join clubs and organizations, strike up conversations in class, and treat everyone like a friend! My favorite part about college was the people I met and became close with. I have some of the greatest friendships I know will last a life time because of branching out in college.

2) On that same token, not everyone you lose is a loss. I strongly believe some people are only meant for certain seasons of your life. Sometimes they're meant to teach you a lesson, and sometimes maybe it's you who is supposed to make an impact on them! You'll see so many relationships change once you're in college; just always trust that God has a plan with these relationships in your life.

3) Actually go to class! Some of you are probably like, Isn't that common sense? Well, sometimes it gets really tempting to just stay in bed and watch Netflix. But get your booty out of bed and make it to class! Otherwise, you'll make the same mistake I did: having to take a whole extra semester just to retake that class you kept skipping.... oops. Very expensive mistake. (#JustKeepingItReal)

4) Always ask for student discounts when shopping, at the movies, etc. So many places offer 10-20% off when you show your college ID! I always use this discount at J. Crew and Old Navy (they have great, inexpensive jeans y'all!!)

5) Make sure to call your parents often just to let them know you miss them/love them/thank them! I was fortunate enough to live only 25 minutes away from my parents during college, but I still texted them almost every day, haha. Those are the people who will always love you and have your back!

6) HAVE FUN! This is truly one of the most unique times in your life where you have freedom, but not the full responsibility of being a working adult with a family, etc. Enjoy it because it goes by quicker than you expect!


Now, quick subject jump.. I'm doing a giveaway!!

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