Veteran's Day: How To Give Back To Our Troops & A Special Deal from Southern Marsh

Saturday, November 11, 2017

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Our Cozy Fleece Pullovers :: Southern Marsh

Hey y'all,

In a rare occurrence, I'm actually writing a blog post on a Saturday! That's because in honor of Veteran's Day, I wanted to share two things with you all: 1) A fun deal from Southern Marsh featuring these #merica pullovers! (How perfect for Veteran's Day??) 2) How to give back to the men and women who serve our country.

First up... I love Southern Marsh, for many obvious reasons. They're stylish and great quality clothing  for Southern ladies and gents. Both my boyfriend and I love their incredibly cozy pullover sweaters! So today we are rocking their Star-Spangled Fleece Pullovers. *Today only* they are doing a special where you get a gift card with a purchase of this pullover! You get a $20 gift card when you buy one, or a $50 gift card when you buy two. (Make sure you add the gift card to your shopping cart, too!) So run (don't walk) to this link --> here <-- to get a cozy little Star-Spangled pullover.

Now part two... To be completely transparent with you, I've never had a loved one in the military or even a grandfather who fought in the war. So for a long time, I wasn't sure how to address certain things like Veteran's Day because I felt like I wasn't "connected" enough to the day. But as I grew older and started realizing I am so fortunate to live in a free country, I grew incredibly thankful for the men and women who risk their lives to protect that freedom. So today, I wanted to share a few organizations that help both our veterans and active troops!

1) Disabled Veterans Charity - DAV is a nonprofit that has a mission to "[empower] veterans to lead high quality lives with respect and dignity."  This organization helps over 1 million veterans (and their families!). DAV provides rides for veterans to medical appointments, assists with their benefits claims, connects vets with employers and job opportunities, and so much more to make sure they have all the resources to live a high quality life. You can donate here or head to their website here for more ways to help.

2) Wounded Warrior Project - WWP has a beautiful mission to "honor and empower wounded warriors." Wounded Warrior assists our vets with free career and benefits counseling, mental health and wellness counseling, and physical health and wellness counseling. There are so many ways you can give back to Wounded Warrior Project! Get more info here.

3) USO Operation Phone Home - This is an awesome project the USO puts on during the Holidays. Donations to this program provide deployed service members with phone cards, private telephone networks, or internet connectivity so they can be in touch with family members back home. I can't imagine being away from my family during the holidays, so I really really love this program!

There are more than just three organizations that benefit our veterans and currently active troops, but these three really stood out to me when I was researching organizations that give back to our military! Feel free to let me know about any other organizations close to your heart because I would love to hear.

Hope you all have a wonderful weekend!


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