New York Trip Recap :: October 2017

Tuesday, October 17, 2017

*My friend Caitlin and I sipping on rosé at While We Were Young*

So I got back from New York only a couple weeks ago, but I am missing it BIG TIME. The weather was perfect, our place was fabulous, and we had so much fun!

Logan and I were only there for a couple of days, so we didn't get to do near as much as we wanted to. But I personally love hearing about great places to eat/fun things to do in different cities, so I figured some of you would like to hear what we did!

What I Wore....

Of course, my diva self packed way too many outfits for a weekend trip. But I justify it because "I'm a blogger, duh." ;) I'm sharing a few of those outfits here + linking all details below each photo!

Outfit Details:
Booties, similar here

Outfit Details:

Outfit Details:
Striped Sweater (Actually a guy's sweater! Under $30)

Outfit Details:
Velvet Jumpsuit available here and here
(Full blog post on this outfit here.)

Outfit Details:


Where We Stayed...

Overpriced hotel in Times Square? Not my cup of tea. Instead......

.... we stayed at the most precious brownstone in Brooklyn! All thanks to Airbnb, of course. The past couple of times I've visited New York, I stayed in Manhattan in a nice hotel (shoutout to my #baller parents!). But since this was my first trip without my family, I wanted to think of a budget friendly option. Then it dawned on me: Airbnb is the AND I had always wanted to spend more time in Brooklyn. So I booked this little cutie and called it a day.

What We Did...

Attended College Fashion Week by HerCampus: The main reason I was in New York was to attend College Fashion Week, as a guest of Bed Head by TIGI. Bed Head seriously hooked me up with some amazing hair products before my trip! (You can check out a blog post I did about them here). The fashion show ended up being so cool; they had some great vendors and I looooved the DJ they had playing the event. It was also awesome to see how many amazing, young female bloggers are out there! And the fabulous freebies and goody bags didn't hurt either ;)

Tried the Latest Brunch Hotspot, While We Were Young: I'll admit that this place was at the top of my to-do list in New York. I had seen so many adorable Instagrams of this place posted by everyone from big bloggers to Victoria's Secret models. They have the cutest decor: blush tufted booths, gold hardware accents, fresh flowers, marble tables and bartop... basically what my dreams look like. And then of course, the food was beautiful. I didn't even touch my avocado toast for the first 10 minutes because it was too pretty to eat! (And then hunger snuck in and it was game over.) Also, totally stole some of my friend's truffle fries... yum!

Visited Starbucks like 600 times: My boyfriend has an addition to Starbucks coffee, so there's that. (Good thing he doesn't actually read my blog, or he'd kill me for saying this.)

Spent an Afternoon in Central Park: I mentioned earlier that the weather was amazing while we were in NYC, so it was so nice to just stroll around Central Park and take it all in. This was the only touristy thing I was ok with doing, haha. Sitting on a bench and people watching in the heart of New York is prime time entertainment, you guys.

Had Lunch & a Treat in the Plaza Food Hall: My obsession with The Plaza started at a young age, thanks to a dear fictional friend of mine named Eloise. However, I didn't realize they had a Food Hall! Logan and I accidentally stumbled upon it when we were leaving Central Park. We had some paper-thin pizza (seriously!) from Pizza Rollio, and tried some exotically-flavored mini doughnuts from Doughnuttery.

Got a Blowout at dryBar: No matter where I go, dryBar ends up saving my lazy butt. Drying and styling my hair is soooo time consuming; I literally dread it. Thank goodness dryBar is all over the United States because I needed some fabulous hair for that fashion show!

Now I cannot wait until I can visit New York again to do 10x more!! Thanks so much for reading and I hope you have a great week :)


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