Travel Diary: A Day in New Orleans

Sunday, January 21, 2018

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If there's one thing I love about living in Louisiana, it's day trips to New Orleans! It's a mini vacation without the hassle of flying and booking a hotel. Every time I go, I do something a little different, and this past Saturday was no exception! 

I got a few direct messages on Instagram after posting some NOLA snaps, so I thought I'd do a little blog post on what my friend Lauren and I did in the city!

**And just a little note: most of these photos were shot on my iPhone (didn't want to lug my big camera around on a girls day out) so sorry the quality isn't the same as usual!**


**photo via Google - lolz**

1) Ate at St. James Cheese (the downtown location)

My friend Lauren is a vegetarian, so I wanted to find a cute lunch place with yummy vegetarian meal options! I asked a sorority sister who lives in NOLA for suggestions and she gave me an awesome list. Here it is for any vegetarians looking to visit NOLA:

St. James Cheese
Kenton's (cute porch)
Cowbell (burger place, but apparently has a great veggie burger)
Willa Jean
La Casita (good veggie taco)
Pizza Domenica

So we ended up choosing St. James Cheese because we are both huge fans of all things cheese! We both got their Mozzarella Sandwich: mozzarella + basil pesto + artisan salami (I swapped it for prosciutto) on ciabatta bread.... HOLY YUM! Lauren swapped out the meat altogether for tomatoes. I would 100% eat here again. The decor was cute too!


You guys... I have been dying to visit this art gallery for a while now. It's oh so colorful and glam, but with the best inappropriate humor (haha!) She does huge canvas art, as well as sculptures - like giant Chanel necklaces draped over bedazzled chairs. This artist is so, so talented and fun! She even just worked with Bergdorfs to create their new window displays. I highly recommend checking this place out... unless cuss words and profanities make you squeamish 😜


3) Bought some goodies at Lush

I know, I know... Lush isn't just a New Orleans thing. BUT it was my first time to ever buy anything from Lush; I was a little late to the bath bomb party, haha. I got the Unicorn Horn Bubble Bar and Lauren got the Rose Bombshell Bath Bomb. I haven't tried my bubble bar yet - but I'll post a little review on Insta stories! Make sure you're following me here.


4) Got Macarons from Sucre

If I'm ever on Magazine St. in New Orleans, I have to get macarons from Sucre! They also make gelato and beautiful pastries, but they are world famous for their macarons. I got an 8-pack with vanilla, chocolate, hazelnut, and salted caramel!


5) Visited Rivers Spencer Interiors

My mom and I religiously stalk Rivers Spencer on Instagram, so I was so excited when I happened to be walking by their storefront! Of course, I went inside and took photos of absolutely everything for decor inspo. I love the French glam look! Totally plan on incorporating this style into my new apartment.

So those were the main things we did in New Orleans! And of course, lots of window shopping and gushing over the cute NOLA houses. Let me know if you have any favorite things to do in New Orleans below in the comments!


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