My 2018 Goals

Monday, January 8, 2018

HAPPY 2018 MY FRIENDS! I wanted my very first blog post to be all about GOALS.

I'm a huge believer in 1) putting out into the universe what it is you want and 2) how you're going to get it! Now, these are not all of my goals - some are a little too personal to share! - but I wanted to share some here on the blog because I do consider this like one big journal. I love to look back on posts like this and see where I was at in life! So without further ado, let's get into my 2018 goals...

Personal Life Goals:
Decorate my first apartment! If you follow me on Instagram, you've probably heard me mention 10+ times that I have my first "big girl" apartment. My roomie and I are already in the process of making it the cutest little Babe Cave (yes, we're cheesy, haha). I'll be sharing an apartment tour here on the blog once it's finished! But for now, I'm linking some stuff I've already purchased below! (Hint: there's a lot of white, gold, and pink.)
- Stop driving my car an extra 20 miles when the gas tank is already below empty. I know, this is one of the weirdest new years goals ever! But after breaking down on the side of the road twice this past year, I think it's time I get my act together.
- See Hazel graduate puppy training class! She only has one class left, and I'm having such a proud mom moment. I never thought I'd be a crazy dog lady, but here I am... telling the world how proud I am of my dog.
- Find a great devotional written for young women.  My faith is a huge part of my life, and devotionals really help me stay focused on the Lord and what's truly important! So I want to find a new devotional that I haven't done before. I specifically want one aimed at young women because I'd love to recommend it to my blog readers - which tend to be women in their late teens/early 20s! If there are any devotionals you recommend, I'd love to hear!

Ok here's some of the stuff I've already bought for my apartment!

Blog Goals:
- Blog more about travel! I went on my first "blog trip" this past year with one of my blogger besties, Grace, and it was SO fun! We partnered up with Archer Hotel in Austin, and I loved recapping the experience on my blog. So now I'm working on planning more trips that I can share here on the blog! Nashville is currently at the top of my list.
- Start making YouTube videos. Blogging is always going to be my priority, but I think YouTube videos can be so supplemental! I get a lot of questions about my hair and I think videos would be a great way to tackle all those questions. I also really want to do haul videos because I love watching other people's haul videos aaaand I shop a lot, haha.

Health/Body Goals:
- Cook more & eat more real food. I am the absolute worst about getting hangry realllllyyyy quickly and just swerving into the nearest drive-thru fast food place. Now that I have my own kitchen, I want to find some healthy recipes and enjoy real food! Feel free to send any of your favorite recipes my way :)
- Moisturize everyday! I love buying new lotions and moistures - especially ones that smell good! But after about a week, I totally forget to use it. Not only is that such a waste of money, but my skin is dying for some hydration! So I want to get in the habit of really taking care of my skin this year.
- Try a new workout class. In the past, I've done Pure Barre and loved it! Just did not love the price - even with my student discount. This year, I'm thinking about trying OrangeTheory! And of course, you can't hit the gym or class without cute workout gear! Sooo, I went virtually shopping for you and linked some cute stuff I found online...

Now, it's YOUR turn! Let me know your New Year's goals in the comments below :)


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